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Volunteer Spotlight: Janet Paduhovich

2012 June 26

Here at Project Vote Smart, we do a lot of hard work. And one of the great aspects of the Great Divide Ranch is that the members who pay for all this can come join us for two weeks and see for themselves what their money is helping to create.

Not long ago, Janet Paduhovich did just that, and flew into Missoula International Airport just before the start of summer. Here at Project Vote Smart we're happy to accommodate different travel schedules; so whether you're driving, flying to Missoula, or taking the bus to nearby Drummond, someone will be there to ensure that you make it safely to the ranch, with a chat or stop-off for necessary provisions along the way.

Janet added that driving to the Ranch was great; good scenery and [it] served to transition into the remote setting of the ranch. The ranch is located in rural Montana on the Great Continental Divide, a short ways southwest of Philipsburg, which comes alive with tourists and gift shops during the summer months, and turns into a popular ski town during the winter.

Janet says she is relatively dissatisfied with the beauty contest that pervades modern American politics. She elaborates, saying less talking heads and more genuine... intelligent ideas and information are needed in our politics...Project Vote Smart is the only organization with the credentials and information to provide a basis of information that could inform our populace and become a primary resource to replace or compliment the 1 or 2 ...

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