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March Common Ground E-Newsletter

2013 March 29

Spring Update

The snow is finally beginning to melt at the Great Divide Ranch, and despite ski season being over, most of us are looking forward to the warmer spring months. We also said goodbye to winter interns, Laura, Earl, Brian and Emma, and are getting prepared for many more to come!

Our current interns, Noel, Justin and Nick are working hard on profiles, speeches, ratings, campaign finance updates and more. We are also excited to see the progress being made in the categorization of our data, in order to make all our information that much more accessible to you all.

While our interns working in the Key Votes Department at the University of Texas, Austin, are off enjoying spring break, we're happy to report we've had another successful week, releasing 15 bills summaries and published nearly 50 voting records.

Our Political Courage Test Department has been focusing on updating state-specific research for Virginia and New Jersey, as well as entering election results for Texas, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Georgia.

Project Vote Smart Olympics

Here at Project Vote Smart, we're proving that cold and snowy winters don't have to mean boring afternoons huddled up by the fire. Even while we're working hard to make sure you've got access to the facts, we still try to have a little fun. Just a few short weeks ago, staff and interns decided to liven up the snow-covered ranch here in the mountains by staging a Winter Olympics to rival our renowned Summer Olympics ...

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