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Charity Navigator 4 Star Rating

2014 September 05



Sept. 5, 2014 -- Vote Smart’s Great Divide Research Center reported today that its member contributions have increased in 2014 by 81%, and that it has gotten Charity Navigator’s highest four star rating.

“The dramatic increase in contributions is primarily the result of voters being sickened by candidate behavior and wanting to do something positive about it,” said Adelaide Elm, a Vote Smart board member. “A second factor is the exciting new interactive systems we have designed that digest millions of facts on 150,000 politicians and then provide those facts instantly to any citizen on any candidate, on any issue, at any time.”

Vote Smart has received $1,069,118 from 25,457 citizens thus far in 2014. This represents an 81% increase over the same period one year ago.

“People now know that when they contribute to a candidate, that money is not used to support them directly but to do damage to their opponent. Financially supporting political candidates just isn’t as compelling when you are trying to get people to help you hurt someone,” said Richard Kimball, Vote Smart President. “These contributors want to do something positive, something that helps cure the problem, not aggravate it. That is a big reason why Vote Smart just received Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating.”

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