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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

Vote Smart Magic is Almost Here!

2014 August 08

We are only a few weeks away from announcing the biggest event in Vote Smart history.  It will transform the way you use our data and the way you view candidates and elections in the future.

For two years over 300 political scientists, and students and staff at Vote Smart have been coding every known fact on thousands of elected officials and candidates in every state. 

This monotonous, painstaking process has enabled us to create powerful new research tools:  I SPY, Political Galaxy, VoteEasy, and in the near future, My Vote Smart.

Just give us a politician’s name and the issue of interest to you and every vote, public comment, issue position, contribution, rating, or bit of biographical background related to that person on that issue is instantly delivered in these new systems.

It is Vote Smart magic, and will help liberate every American from the quagmire of modern political campaign tactics.  It is hopeful, uplifting, encouraging and powerful.  From where I stand it is the dawn of self-governance in our new civics world that pushes selfish interest far above the common good.

Hopefully (if you see what we see—a  path back to reality) you will  tell your family, friends, colleagues and community that there is finally, as Bill Moyers has said, a “bright light” at Vote Smart. Provide them with a link to on September 15th when we will make our new website and systems available nationally.

- Richard Kimball, Vote Smart President 

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