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Vote Smart Live-Tweeted the First Democratic Primary Debate

2015 October 14 - Melisa Oberti

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Great Divide Ranch, MT -- Last night, members from Vote Smart's Research and Communications teams tried something the organization has never done before. For the first time ever, we Live-Tweeted a debate. The Democratic Presidential Primary debate, to be exact. Thanks to  our amazing members and followers, it was a great success! If you missed our Live-Tweet of CNN's debate, you don't have to miss all of the information that we shared! We have recapped the event in the info-graphic below, and also complied a list of all of our Tweets, organized by candidate, so all of our friends without Twitter can check out what we did. If you do use Twitter, check out @VoteSmart or #VoteSmartLive for our tweets of the debate and more! You can view the full debate transcript here.

If you enjoyed our Live-Tweets, let us know! Donate to support our work, email us at, and definitely be sure to join us October 28th for the GOP Debate! We will be using the same #VoteSmartLive on all of our posts so you can easily find us and follow along. Hope to see you then!
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Top 3 Most Popular Tweets
You heard what @BernieSanders said about reforming Civil Liberties, but see how he's voted  #VoteSmartLive #DemDebate
Here is .@HillaryClinton's history of statements on guns  #VoteSmartLive #DemDebate
.@LincolnChafee just spoke about transparency. See what he's said about it before here: http://bit ...

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Preferring to protect themselves from opposition research, only 20% of the 1282 candidates for Congress were willing to provide voters or media with direct answers to the issue questions on Vote Smart’s National Political Courage Test.

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