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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

October Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 October 22

Year after mid-term election year the stats say that is so. But not with Smart Voters. A month before the election and we have already had 7.7 million unique visitors. That already eclipses visits during the last full presidential election cycle (when far more citizens are engaged) and vastly more than the last mid-term election cycles. Perhaps more importantly, our visitors are spending 25% more time on our site and seeing far more pages of data.
In the world of Vote Smart, that is significant and reason to be very hopeful.

Even more reviews:
“The non-partisan comprehensive elections data provided by Vote Smart allowed Bing to give our users high quality information on all the congressional, gubernatorial and state legislative candidates directly in the search experience.” 

"I have been navigating around the site and LOVE IT. It will be one of my ‘go-to’ places during this election cycle and I encourage all political junkies to check it out.” 
“I was so ecstatic when I found this site. I recommend it to almost everyone. I love love love this site.”
“You (Vote Smart) are a breath of fresh air in our political landscape! Retirement is coming soon for me and I hope I can give you more of my time and energy.”
"Thanks to all the hard workers who have made PVS the pre-eminent credibility artesian spring of American civics.”
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2014 Voter Self-Defense Manual Release

2014 September 30

Vote Smart announced today that the 2014 Voter’s Self-Defense Manual is available free to all voters by simply calling 888-VoteSmart or emailing

September Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 September 26

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Revolutionizing Transparency in Government through Technology

2014 September 15

Today, Vote Smart announces the unveiling of its powerful new tools that provide every citizen interactive, instant access to the facts on any politician, on any issue, at any time.

Three Prominent Elections Experts Join Vote Smart Board

2014 September 09

Three prominent political research experts, Brooks Jackson, Ted McConnell, and Sheila Krumholz, have joined the board of Vote Smart (, the leading non-partisan national research organization focused on politicians and elections.

Unmatched Free Database on 150,000 Politicians Now Available

2014 September 07

Vote Smart (, the leading non-partisan national research organization focused on politicians and elections, announced a series of massive additions to its factual database on over 150,000 current and former elected officials and candidates. 

Charity Navigator 4 Star Rating

2014 September 05

 Vote Smart’s Great Divide Research Center reported today that its member contributions have increased in 2014 by 81%, and that it has gotten Charity Navigator’s highest four star rating. 

August Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 August 20

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July Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 July 21

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