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Britain Exits the EU: What's Brext for the US?

2016 June 30

This past week, the world watched as 30 million Brits took to the polls to vote on a referendum deciding Britain's future within the European Union. A referendum is a general vote by the constituency on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision. 

71.8% of the electorate participated and ultimately voted, by a margin of 52% to 48%, to leave the EU. 

Wondering what exactly this means to the US? Below is a breakdown of the referendum as well as the stances of key US presidential candidates.

Those campaigning to leave the EU argued that Britain was being held back by the rules and restrictions that come with being one of 28 nations. An exit would allow businesses to negotiate their own trade deals, and would provide the freedom to focus solely on British interests.

Those who favored an exit also cited a need for the nation to take back control of its borders. The UK is one of 10 EU member states who contribute more to the budget than they get out. In 2015 the UK contributed 13 billion pounds to the Union's budget, but EU spending on Britain was only 4.5 billion pounds. This is the equivalent of Mississippi receiving significantly more federal aid per capita, than say California, in relation to how many tax dollars they send to the federal treasury.

Proponents of staying argued that EU membership fuels economic growth by providing easier trade and a steady flow ...

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