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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

The Facts Are Lost in the Noise: New Tool Coming

2016 February 08 - Jamieson Bates

It seems that the facts are becoming lost in the noise created by the politicians of today. It is disheartening to know this, and to see it. In 2014, we saw many battles where politicians chose to attack one another, rather than debate and inform. That effect has been amplified greatly thus far in the 2016 Presidential race that has been going on for over six months now. Vote Smart many new and old efforts that are attempting to combat this trend and bring politics back to reality. Let me tell you what we are trying to do about it. 

We have always relied on informing voters based on the facts. We have many of them. In fact, we just reached the millionth speech mark in our database. Facts that are unbiased and non-partisan are the only truthfully informative information that will empower voters to support those politicians that best align with their ideals. However, we have realized that supplying facts alone are not enough. We must curate and cultivate these facts and deliver them in a useful manner as well.

Vote Easy
 was our first major effort to do this, as it allows voters to answer simple questions and match themselves to a politician. This has been a wild success. The second effort to do this was to code all of the facts we collect, by placing each into an issue category. This initiative has empowered us to take on a new project. This election year, we will be launching a new ...

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