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Precious Moments

2008 April 23 - Key Votes

Time to get to better know some of your lawmakers again! Here are some quips, metaphors, and blunt statements made by our elected officials so far this month. If you would like to view other Precious Moments blog posts from over the last year or so, click here.

From South Carolina:

"You haven't convinced me of anything, except you desperately want this job." - State Senator John Hawkins of Spartanburg, during second-day questioning of Samuel F. Painter, a Columbia attorney and candidate for an at-large seat on the State Workers' Compensation Commission.

From Nebraska:

"You want a Cadillac road system for a Volkswagen culture, economy, and society. You want to build all these road, going nowhere." -State Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha, on a bill to use $15 million from state reserves to fund road projects around the state.

From Nebraska:

"All that has been shown by this exercise is the depth and breadth of racism in this state. Racism is the warp and woof of Nebraska." -State Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha, on a resolution that initially had apologized for slavery in Nebraska, but was changed in committee to instead express regret for slavery in Nebraska. Senator Chambers is the only Black member of the NE legislature and supported the withdrawal of the resolution by its sponsor, State Senator Dwite Pedersen.

From Congress:

Expressing disappointment with the inability of the conference committee on the Farm Bill so far to present a compromise version, South Dakota U.S. Senator John Thune said the legislative process ...

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