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Review Of 2009 Ballot Measures: Veterans

2009 October 31 - Kristen Vicedomini

There are two states that have ballot measures dealing with veterans in 2009. Texas and Ohio both have constitutional amendments that relate to those that have served in the military.

Proposition 6 in Texas would amend the constitution to authorize the Texas Veterans' Land Board to issue general obligation bonds for the purpose of selling land and providing home or land mortgage loans to veterans of the state.  These loans help veterans build or buy homes at a low cost.  Proposition 6 would ensure that the Texas Veterans' Land Board would permanently do what it currently does instead of needing to receive authorization from the Legislature every 2 years for bonding authority.

Proposition 8 in Texas would allow the state the option of partnering with the federal government and local governments in the operation of veterans hospitals, including providing funding, property, and maintenance.  Texas does not currently have the option of providing any resources to a veterans' hospital run by the federal government, and Proposition 6 would allow the state to do so.

Issue 1 in Ohio would authorize up to $200 million in bonds for Ohio veterans of conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the Persian Gulf.   Specific provisions of the bill include providing $100 for each month the veteran served- not to exceed $1,000.  Veterans who were station in the Persian Gulf but did not see active combat could qualify for $50 for each month served- not to exceed $500.  Family members of Ohio veterans killed ...

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