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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

Does it play in Peoria?

2008 July 24 - Tony

After a week on the road I've realized that I now measure time in cities
rather than by days and dates. This morning was Saturday and I woke up to
the sound of heavy rain and some thunder. Being from Northern California
it reminded me of home. My second thought was what this would mean for our
event at a Farmer's Market on the Illinois' River in Peoria Illinois.
Would the media still come? Would there be people to show this incredible
resource to? It only took a few minutes to get ourselves set up and we
were shortly joined by one of our members Elliot who had offered to help.
Elliot, who at 78 is in much better shape than me, told me all about how
diet and exercise were the key to good health. Just when we thought we
were foiled by the weather the clouds cleared away and everything changed.
All at once several groups of citizens arrived curious about what we were
all about, followed immediately by two camera crews and a journalist from
a local paper. Then even more voters arrived and a third camera crew. Jon
and I handled the situation like pros. I was giving one interview while he
showed voters the website then while I was speaking to people just coming
by journalists were taking notes on some of the impressive facts about PVS
like that we don't funding from any special interests. We had people
promising to become members, and professors wanting to ...

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