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A Breather for Congress

2007 August 10 - Key Votes

A Breather for Congress

Well, Congress has officially gone on break for the next few weeks. Here is what they were up to before they headed out:

HR 3222 was passed by the House. This is an appropriations bill for the Department of Defense. Look for a summary of this bill on our website by the end of next week. It passed the House 395-13. This bill will next go to the Senate.

The House also passed a couple of bills addressing energy issues. One of the most notable highlights in the press has been the requirement that many utilities produce 15% of their energy from renewable resources by the year 2020. This provision was added to one of the bills via a floor amendment. The amendment passed 220-190. Both of the bills and the amendment will have summaries on our website shortly. Both of the bills will next go to the Senate.

Perhaps the most publicized vote was a vote making changes to provisions regarding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The President has the power to keep Congress in session and promised to do so until Congress passed a bill that he agreed with regarding surveillance. Congress was set to adjourn on Friday, August 3. This bill, S 1927, passed the Senate on that date by a vote of 60-28. The House passed the bill on Saturday, Aug 4 by a vote of 227-183. Look for a summary of this bill on our website very soon, as well. This bill was signed by ...

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