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Precious Moments

2007 August 24 - Key Votes

Was your state left out on the "A New Way to Really Get to Know Your Lawmakers" blog post? Perhaps it is included in this one. No lawmaker is safe!

From West Virginia:

On a bill to require public notice for drilling in national forests: Wells stood up after she explained the bill and invited his colleagues to visit the forest. "It's a lovely place," he said. He then let out a loud noise, telling laughing delegates it was the sound of a bulldozer in the forest coming toward a person. A number of delegates let out similar calls while voting 96-2 for the bill, with all the Kanawha County delegation in favor. "Have all the members voted or mooed?" asked House Speaker Rick Thompson, D-Wayne.

From New Mexico:

On Saturday, as the session drew to a close, the headlines proclaimed that New Mexico lawmakers had restored Pluto to planet status, whenever it passes overhead in New Mexico's excellent night skies.

The 94-year-old widow of the New Mexico man who discovered Pluto back in 1930 lamented that the non-binding measure doesn't really solve the problem, but it's a nice gesture.

From Kentucky:

When asked about the cooperation between the Republican majority and the Democratic minority in the Kentucky legislature during the 2007 session, House Speaker and gubernatorial hopeful Jody Richards had this to say:

"In the Senate, I don't know what it is. I think the Senate Democrats are just afraid of Sen. Williams."

South Carolina

On his position on ...

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