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"Guess where your check went?"

2011 October 19 - Carly Griffin

We are sure many of you receive solicitations in the mail from candidates every election year asking for your support, aka your money. Now, you may decide to send them check with a brief note of "go get'em"  or you may just consider these junk mail and instantly throw them away, but one of our members has a special approach.
He writes a letter to his local representatives, specifically to those who don't think it is important to answer issue questions asked inside the Political Courage Test, which reads:
"Each time I receive a letter such as yours, seeking funds to be contributed, I do two things.  First, I determine whether my own thoughts agree in general with those expressed in the solicitation letter. If we seem to be in agreement, and I am inclined to make a contribution, I then check my copy of the Voter's Self-Defense Manual periodically issued by the Project Vote Smart. If the incumbent or challenger HAS responded to the PVS request to fill in the information requested repeatedly for the [Political Courage Test] form (the responser's position on a number of vital questions of national interest to voters), then I go ahead and write the contribution check. If the incumbent or challenger HAS NOT seen fit to let their position/s be known to the voters, I then send the check to Project Vote Smart to further their program of keeping voters informed. You are listed under 'No Political Courage ...

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