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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

Is pizza a vegetable?

2011 December 08

By Alex Hernandez, Intern, University of Texas-Austin Office 

A bill that would prevent new standards for school lunches from going into effect has sparked intense debate among legislators, nutrition advocates, and parents. A provision in HR 2112, “Appropriations for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Food and Drug Administration,” would essentially nullify new standards for school lunches proposed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Those new standards included: limitations on the quantity and type of potatoes served (specifically French fries), reduced target levels for sodium consumption, an increase in the amount of tomato paste required for the paste to be considered a serving of vegetables, and the introduction of more whole grains into the daily school lunch menu. Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee said that the changes would "prevent overly burdensome and costly regulations and ...provide greater flexibility for local school districts to improve the nutritional quality of meals."

However, Representative Dennis Kucinich, who voted “Nay” on the bill, disagreed with this rationale. He noted that the language in the bill would allow a serving of pizza, if it contains at least two tablespoons of tomato paste, to be classified as a serving of vegetables.  Rep. Kucinich argued that “The needs of special interest groups are being put ahead of the health needs of children across the country. By including these provisions, we are allowing the salt, potato growers and frozen food industries to ...

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