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Political Networking Site Set To Debut This Month

2010 June 22 - Mike Shultz

Later this month, a new user of our API and a social networking site based around the US political system will be released. It is called Vote iQ and will be primarily focused on Voters.  Politicians and NGOs will also be able to have a presence on this site. 'We want to give them the political platform they need to be able to make sound decisions in politics," said Rick Shenkman, VP of Media and Partnerships. Vote iQ

Vote iQ will primarily make money by selling special presences and tools to interact with their supporters and other voters to politicians and NGOs. That is not to say that voters would be ignored. Their primary focus is on the voters. 'Anything we say or do will be subject to the review of the crowd. They will get to vote every day by their actions and comments on the decisions we make as a company," said Shenkman.

Shenkman sees Vote iQ succeeding against other social networking sites like Facebook because it was designed specifically for politics. Facebook, on the other hand is mainly for 'involving friends from grade school, high school and work as well as your grandmother and in-laws," and 'a genuinely robust discussion of politics is all but impossible." Users will be able to form groups(gated or not), post and sign petitions, and debate the various issues and topics of the day.

One special feature that Vote iQ will have is a way for voters to find out which candidates they are most aligned with politically ...

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