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Blogging from the Bus 10/26

2007 October 27 - Bus Tour



Asheville, NC

JJ and Kyle Dell

Greetings everyone from the Tar Heel state. We have been quite busy over the past few days. We stopped in Gainesville, FL on Monday where we were inundated with more media than we have seen at any of our other stops. It was about 96 degrees outside with 150% humidity. We sweated our butts off as we professed the good works of PVS to two different television stations, a public radio station, and three different newspapers.

On Tuesday we stopped at Stetson University in Deland, FL where we had a huge turnout and spoke to multiple newspapers including the Orlando Sentinel which wrote a good article about the bus:,0,1933083.story.

On Wednesday we stopped at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. It rained. I don't mean a little sprinkle either; I mean more rain than I have seen in a six-hour period in my entire life, and that was during our stop. It also rained the entire drive to Greensboro, NC. Both states have been in a major drought for several days and begging for rain. They have gotten what they asked for and then some. I have not seen the sun since it went down as we traveled to SC. Luckily, tomorrow is supposed to see a reprieve from the rain.

Today we stopped at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC, where Kyle Dell, a member of our board, is a professor. It rained all day again ...

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