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Here's What's Happening in Congress

2008 April 14 - Key Votes

January through April is the busiest time for the four of us who staff the Key Votes Department full time, because most of the state legislatures are in session at this time. I'd like to apologize to you, Informed Voter, for the very long stretch of time since the last Congressional recap here on the blog.

There have been many Congressional key votes since January, and we won't be looking at all of them here. We're just going to go through some of the ones that received the most media attention and were the most controversial. If you would like to see a list of all the key votes that PVS has accumulated from Congress in 2008 and view their summaires, just click here. To view the summary for a particular vote, just click on the legislation's title in the middle of your screen.

Note that when you view the summary for a Congressional vote on our website, there is a link to the full text of the bill. This link takes you to the website of the Library of Congress (LOC). If there are multiple versions of the bill available, the LOC will list them all. Click here to view a description of what these various texts are for and which one is related to any specific summary.

For a general refresher on the legislative process, click here.

Read the rest of this blog entry for a recap on a few key Congressional votes from 2008.

On January 23, the ...

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