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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

August Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 August 20

 An Email Worth Mentioning

“Struggling here in Maine to define differences between the candidates sufficient as to determine my vote and here you are with an amazing 'political calculator' with the numbers/answers to help clarify my thoughts.  

Looking forward to receiving a 'code' to further take advantage of your work.  Noticed there was no plea for $$ but certainly willing to continue my support for your invaluable service to us all.

or maybe i just come out and sing a few songs?



Now that seemed like an interesting offer from a member, particularly if this Noel fellow knew anything about music and could sing.

Turns out that Noel does know a bit of music and has a voice heard by millions as part of the most famous folk trio in history.

That would be Noel PAUL Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary.

We have discovered within our membership over the years a number of the famous but modest, almost passing under our radar.  Like:

Rick Steves: the travel guru

David Ogden Stiers:  Mash

Ed Asner: Mary Tyler Moore Show

Edward James Olmos, of Stand and Deliver along with dozens of other films, and an all-time, all-generation favorite, and one of Vote Smart’s earliest supporters: Ginger Rogers

Who else might lurk behind those thousands of names in our supporters list?

 That is the day we will make our new web site with its magical new tools available to the nation.  We are counting on everyone, you included, to ...

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Vote Smart Magic is Almost Here!

2014 August 08

We are only a few weeks away from announcing the biggest event in Vote Smart history.  It will transform the way you use our data and the way you view candidates and elections in the future. 

July Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 July 21

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Volunteer at the Great Divide Ranch!

2014 June 24

If you are a member and have ever thought of volunteering at Vote Smart and haven't done it yet, or if you want to return for another tour of duty, 2014 would be a great year to come volunteer at the ranch! 

June Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 June 12

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April Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 April 24

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February Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 March 07

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January Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 February 06

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December Common Ground E-Newsletter

2013 December 17

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Senate Majority Exercises “Nuclear Option”

2013 December 12 - Key Votes

On November 21, 2013, the Senate voted 52-48 to amend the rules regarding confirmation of executive and judicial nominees.

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