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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

April Common Ground E-Newsletter

2014 April 24

Betty's Galaxy

$500,000 Grant
Vote Smarters Invest in the Future
Yes, we thought of changing its name to Betty’s Galaxy. Every rare once in a while someone does something at Vote Smart so extraordinary, so timely, so special, that our jaws collectively drop to the floor. Such was the case this past March. We were beset by the loss of key staff and a non-election year decrease in contributions. The board worried that we would not have sufficient funds to complete Political Galaxy, I Spy or any of the amazing conversions taking place at our offices.

Then a member, a retired nurse sitting in Northern California, sent us a message. “I have decided to give Vote Smart a $50,000 donation.” Only Betty, at 92, had put in an extra zero ($500,000).

Turns out that Betty is not only fun to talk with, but is as sharp as anyone at any age, and that extra zero—well, it was no mistake. She has sent in the first of four $125,000 installments.

It will enable Vote Smart to stay on track and moving forward, able to release our new tools in time for the presidential primary season next fall, and to give our members a preview this summer.

Millions are learning to turn to us for the facts, for reality. National media, political scientists—even the Defense Department now turn to us to get the lowdown for citizens and our overseas troops.

Betty’s unprecedented and unselfish gift is ...

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