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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

​A Monumental Development, Saving Time Through Automation

2016 February 10 - Jamieson Bates

During the summer of 2015, we started on a new initiative that we thought, would enable us to take on more ambitious and powerful projects in the future as well as refine and improve the quality and delivery of the facts we collect. We thought automating the entry of key data was vital and we chose to start with the entry of scorecards (ratings) published by special interest groups of all kinds. I'm here to report that we have succeeded in this effort and are continuing this initiative even further. More to come on what is next, but I wanted to describe here what I am talking about.

It takes approximately three hours to enter a single scorecard. What we have done is completely eliminate the need to spend that three hours manually entering a score for hundreds of politicians per scorecard. Computers do that for us now. Instead, we can focus on the research and checking processes. This is just an example, though, and I want to divulge a bit more on why this is important.

This initiative is a monumental development at Vote Smart. It means that our organization is evolving. As more and more of these projects are completed, we can focus on the other parts of our processes, eliminate costs, and possibly, focus on synthesizing more data, collecting different types of data, and improving our offerings. I for one, am very excited for what is to come of this, but I also know it will take time to fully complete ...

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The Facts Are Lost in the Noise: New Tool Coming

2016 February 08 - Jamieson Bates


It seems that the facts are becoming lost in the noise created by the politicians of today. It is disheartening to know this, and to see it. In 2014, we saw many battles where politicians chose to attack one another, rather than debate and inform. That effect has been amplified greatly thus far in the 2016 Presidential race that has been going on for over six months now. There are many new and old efforts that are attempting to combat this trend and bring politics back to reality. Let me tell you what we are trying to do about it

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Our Intentions are Clear

2015 December 09 - Melisa Oberti

 Vote Smart's intentions are clear. We don't accept money from special interest groups or lobbyists. We only accept money from our members, foundations, and our API subscribers!

Common Ground e-Newsletter: November 2015

2015 November 05 - Melisa Oberti

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Vote Smart Live-Tweeted the Republican Primary Debate on CNBC

2015 October 29 - John Eisenstein

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2015 May 07

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