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Common Ground E-Newsletter, February

2012 February 07

Find Your Presidential Soul Mate 
Our award-winning interactive tool VoteEasy was recently launched for the 2012 election season, allowing voters to instantly see which presidential candidate best aligns with their views on issues such as the budget, health care, and national security. 

 Read what users are saying: 

“This is awesome!! If you are not sure who you want to vote for or just want to make sure check it out, you can also learn a little along the way.” 

“Demystifies the voting process and makes it accessible and informative.” 

“Great resource for HS students preparing to vote for the first time or for anyone in need of basic politics refresh.” 

“Pretty cool site breaking down some of the hot button issues for the upcoming election and assigns values to figure out which candidate shares your views most closely.”

As reported by KOTA-TV in Rapid City, SD, teacher Tamara Klein says VoteEasy “is now her number one tool in the classroom,” as she tries to introduce her ninth graders to the world of presidential politics.

Later this year we will also be adding 2012 congressional candidates to the tool, allowing voters to find their “perfect match” on the state-level too. Do you want to be notified as soon as your state’s congressional candidates are added? Simply visit VoteEasy, click on “Congressional Election” in the top-left corner, find your state, and submit your email address. 

We would love to hear your feedback on VoteEasy, so please send your ...

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