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August E-Newsletter

2012 August 30

A Message From Vote Smart Staff and Interns 

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Every election since 1992 we've asked candidates to let their potential constituents know where they stand on issues. And every election since 1992 we've had fewer and fewer candidates respond. The more money the candidates receive, the more able they are to control their messages, which means voters are less likely to hear their positions on the issues, all the issues. So, beginning in 2010, when a candidate decides to leave voters in the dark, we're now bringing their positions to light. 

While we always allow a candidate to speak for themselves, if they choose not to, we're now doing the research necessary in order to provide voters with their candidates' issue positions. Our staff, interns, and volunteers spend countless hours for every single presidential and congressional candidate, researching their past public statements and speeches, looking over their voting records, and checking interest group ratings. Every time we make a determination on someone's position, about whether they're pro-choice or pro-life or whether they support government spending to create jobs, we check those determinations 6 times to make sure we're making the right call. Six checks on dozens of pieces of data for over 1,000 candidates can take a lot of time, that's why we're proud to say our hard work is starting to pay off.

Right now voters in Idaho, Indiana, North Carolina, Oregon, West Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky, Nebraska can see ...

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