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Political Courage Test Results

2009 October 23 - Bonnie

The Political Courage Test was due last week for state legislative and gubernatorial candidates from New Jersey and Virginia.  The processed Tests are now available on the Project Vote Smart website.  The Test asks one central questions, "Are you willing to tell citizens your positions on the issues you will most likely face on their behalf?"  Following recent trends, the candidates in New Jersey and Virginia answered with a resounding "No."  Neither Virginia gubernatorial candidate Democrat Creigh Deeds nor Republican Robert McDonnell, after five contacts by Project Vote Smart staff, were willing to tell Virginians where they stand on the issues.  New Jersey gubernatorial candidates faired slightly better with 25% of their crowded field responding.  Only 17% of candidates running for the Virgina state legislature turned in a Political Courage Test.  New Jersey state legislative candidates had a return rate of 14%.  As usual, the failure to tell citizens where they stand on the issues was a bi-partisan affair.

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