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Everything You May Have Missed: Political Wrap-Up 2015

2015 December 21 - Melisa Oberti

      Political Wrap Up: 2015                     


Here's what you might have missed in 2015



Paul Ryan was elected as the new Speaker of the House (Twitter)

                                           Trending Legislation:

Planned Parenthood Funding

The U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 3134 to rescind funds from Planned Parenthood.

Ohio followed suit when the state's House passed legislation, SB 214, that would rescind funds from clinics that "promote" or perform abortions.

In conjunction with Congress, the state of Kansas enacted SB 95 to prohibit a physician from performing a "dismemberment abortion."

Concealed Carry: On Campus And Without A Permit

While SB 11 authorized concealed weapons on college campuses in Texas, SB 707 prohibits individuals from carrying concealed weapons on school grounds and college campuses in California.

Arizona's HB 2320 reversed existing law that banned the presence of guns in public buildings.

Several states passed similar legislation expanding locations where concealed carry is legal.

Foreign Policy: The Iran Nuclear Deal and Syrian Refugees

The U.S. House expanded the use of background checks for Syrian and Iraqi refugees applying for admission to the United States with HR 4038.

Following contentious debate regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal, the U.S. House passed HR 3457, which prohibits sanctions on Iran from being lifted until Iran pays court-ruled fines for judgments related ...

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