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Legislative Activities: Renewable Energy Sources

2016 August 26


Recently, there has been debate over energy sources.  Some states are continuing to prioritize economic expansion through traditional energy sources, like oil, coal, and natural gas, over implementation of renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power.

Other states are passing legislation to mandate renewable energy implementation. The tradeoff between clean energy and new jobs, and traditional energy and keeping current jobs, has been debated in state legislatures, yielding different results.

There has been a shift toward renewable on the federal level. President Barack Obama approved the 2017 budget which allocated funds to promoting clean energy technology programs.

Obama said that “America must foster the spirit of innovation to create jobs, build a climate-smart economy of the future, and protect the only planet we have.”

The budget aims to double the investment in renewable energy research and development to $12.8 billion by 2021. The president argues that the investment in and development of renewable energy is a worthwhile expense that will create jobs.

In terms of state legislation, there have been several actions taken and bills passed, falling on both sides of the debate over energy sources. And as with all legislation, there are opponents and supporters.

The North Carolina Senate has recently passed HB 763, a bill that prohibits the creation of wind farms in military low-flight zones.  These military training zones “cover almost all of central and eastern North Carolina,” and lawmakers want to prohibit wind farms to protect the military interest in the state.

Senator Norm Sanderson said “you cannot ...

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