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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

Staff Profile: Andrea

2014 November 14 - margaux meyer

Meet Andrea, the staff member responsible for keeping track of election results! (That's over 13,000 contests!)


Position at PVS: Quality Control Queen in Political Courage Test, the best department there ever was. 

Hometown: Houston, Texas

College and Major: Stanford University, English and Philosophy

Favorite Movie: Some kind of tie between The Prestige, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and School of Rock. Also, De Duva, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Man With A Movie Camera.

Favorite Hobby: Reading and dancing are the two big ones. Other than that, writing letters, driving with loud music, tutoring, going to cafes, and buying more books. 

Most Embarrassing Moment: During my first week at a new elementary school, I had made about two friends.Since I was nervous about who I was going to sit with at lunch, I decided to ask one of them to sit with me. So I went up to a girl who from behind looked like one of my friends, tapped her on the shoulder and started to ask her but realized I was talking to some complete rando. Since I was already in the middle of my question, I asked her anyway (super awkwardly), then just avoided her at lunch time.

Favorite Local Food or Drink: the breakfast bagel (with meat) at Boheme. And the English toffee/whitechocolate/almond coffee at Boheme. Basically, all of Boheme.

Fun Fact About Yourself: I have gone clubbing in five different countries: England, Scotland, the US, Spain, and Israel.

Favorite Quote: I'm a huge ...

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