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The Voter’s Speakeasy featuring unbiased reporting and insight into life at Project Vote Smart from our staff, interns, and volunteers.

It's Ironic, It's Tragic, It's Fixable

2014 September 14 - margaux meyer

It's ironic: the founding fathers fought for the right to vote, women and minorities have marched and dedicated their lives to gain the same fundamental right, but today, so few Americans actually go out and vote.

Is it apathy? Is it an aversion to politics? Or is it confusion from the lack of trustworthy information and the difficulty of knowing where to start.

I don't want attack ads or photo-ops. I don't want press releases or soap-box announcements. I want straight-forward, unbiased facts on (about) everyone I can vote for. I want to know how a candidate will vote, how they're rated on issues that matter to me, and who is funding their campaigns.

I want to be able to vote smart.

That's why I work for Vote Smart and am thrilled to announce the new Vote Smart website. The site features incredibly detailed backgrounds on about 150,000 candidates across the nation: every office. PresidentRepresentative, even local judges. My goal, Vote Smart's goal: to empower you, a voter, with knowledge.

How can you be sure the knowledge we’re providing is truly nonpartisan? Simple: Vote Smart refuses to accept any money from PACs, corporations, or special interest groups. Every single dollar we receive comes from everyday people and grants from foundations. The majority of our research is conducted by a diverse pool of dedicated staff, volunteers and interns-- all trained, with no hidden agenda.

So, whether you’re a mom or a media outlet, a truck driver ...

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