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Relaunching the Voter Speakeasy Blog

23 June 2008
Written by

Today marks the first day Project Vote Smart will attempt to keep an updated blog for all to see. The Voter's Speakeasy blog has been revamped to include up-to-date valuable material. The renewed blog will be dedicated to providing the public with relevant and factual information that goes hand in hand with Project Vote Smart's mission. It is vital that citizens are provided with an honest inside look at what politicians are actually doing and saying. The comprehensive blog will cover information ranging from statistics, to test results, and even important bus tour updates. Past interns, as well as members and the general population will have an opportunity to observe the diligent work the dedicated staff and interns perform on a daily basis.

The blog will be updated weekly to ensure consistency. A student intern will be responsible for weekly updates connecting the rest of the world to the efforts on The Great Divide Ranch. For new information on a wide range of PVS related topics, check back every Monday by 5 p.m. to be fully enlightened.

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