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22 June 2007
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Everybody's looking for something, and if it just so happens you're looking for biographical information on most elected officials and candidates on the state level and higher, we're your people. The department within a department within a department that is bios is rocking and rolling this summer collecting all the available information we can get our hands on. As with everything at Project Vote Smart, accuracy and quality are our top concerns, which is why we subject our interns to tedious, yet essential checks, 2nd checks, and eventually us staff members get our hands on it for a final staff check. As of June 22, 2007 we have 3 dedicated and talented interns working for us, and our bios family will be growing. Helen, Michael, and Nick have shown diligence and patience in helping with tasks such as culling information from official state legislatures' webpages to seeking what Barack Obama's favorite TV show is (Sportscenter). We're also insuring the we have the most correct and up-to-date contact information for constituents to be in contact with their elected officials and candidates. Hopefully, all of this research will be insightful to you and shed new light on the sometimes not so necessarily forthcoming politician. Me and my partners in the bio department, Peter and Seth, hope you take some time to utilize the services we have worked so hard on gathering for you.

By: Mike Herdegen, Staff, Research Department

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