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One Week Left For the Mississippi State NPAT

19 July 2007
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The Mississippi state National Political Awareness Testing period is coming to an end. The test was sent to all candidates for state office in Mississippi in 2007 in the last half of June.

The National Political Awareness Test (NPAT) asks candidates one central question: "Are you willing to tell citizens your positions on the issues you will most likely face on their behalf?" If they answer "yes" we ask them to prove it by responding to a series of questions about these issues.

As of July 19th only 7.5% of State Legislative Candidates and 20% of gubernatorial candidates from Mississippi have currently answered "Yes" to that central question.

If you live in Mississippi and you haven't done so already, contact the elected officials that are vying for your vote and encourage them to answer the NPAT.

The contact information for all of the candidates for office in Mississippi can be found at: Mississippi State Candidates.

More information on the Mississippi State NPAT can be found here.

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