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Democracy's Handyman

20 August 2007
Written by

Neils post

This has been a great summer in the beautiful state of Montana. I came here expecting to sit at a computer all day, but that was not to be. After my second week here I became the PVS manual laborer. I have done everything from repairing tennis courts to spiking railroad ties. My biggest accomplishment of the summer has been saving our poor horses and the ranch itself from the dangers of crazed free-ranging cows. Well that may be a little dramatic, but I have put up new fences around almost half of the entire property. I now lovingly gaze at my fences everyday like they are my children, and I will likely shed a tear or two when I have to say goodbye.

All of my fencing would not have been possible without the help of my hard working, well sometimes hardworking, crews. I would especially like to thank Mike Carley, Nate Williams, Carson Cooper, and Eric Gardner for all their blood, sweat, and tears. Eric was actually the only one who cried, he is a very sensitive fellow. Without their help the fences would still be a pile of lumber in front of the ranch. Hopefully our efforts will keep the ranch safe for future PVSers for years to come.

By: Neil Webster, Intern Summer 2007

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