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City/County WOOO!

2 August 2007
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Tears have been shed, sanity has been lost, but the City/County department presses on with remarkable resolve. We have come a long way since the beginning of the summer.

Our summer started out very mundanely. The first couple of weeks were filled with searching for websites and storing information in excel spreadsheets. After collecting website and phone numbers, we began the monumental task of updating the elected officials from every city over 29,000 people and every county in the country. We are the only organization in the country that collects all of this information. Gathering information for cities went fairly smoothly, thanks to the fact that most cities have websites. The hard work of our fantastic interns and our fearless leader Abbie has paid off, as we are almost ready to release the info for cities onto our live site. Counties have been a completely different kind of beast. Many counties do not have websites, so we have been making a lot of phone calls to county clerks and commissioners offices. Some contacts have not been as polite or cooperative as others, but we in city/county are undeterred.

By: Rob Jenkins, Research Intern, Summer 2007

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