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2017 April 25


Top Trending Pages on

The 2016 Election is over, but things are not quiet in politics! Citizens have been busy using to find out what their officials and candidates have been up to.

We went through our website and pulled our most viewed webpages from over the past month, to give you an idea of the topics that seem to be sparking the interest of our users.

Top 10 Officials whose Campaign Finance information was viewed:

  1. Donald Trump (R), United States President

  2. Kamala Harris,  U.S Senate (D-CA)

  3. Jon Ossoff, (D) running for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District

  4. Ted Cruz, U.S Senate (R-TX)

  5. Bernie Sanders, U.S Senate (D-VT)

  6. Gregory Abbott, Governor of Texas (R)

  7. Dan McConchie, State Senate (R-IL) - District 26

  8. Erik Paulsen U.S House, (R-MN) - District 3

  9. Markwayne Mullin U.S House, (R-OK)  - District 2

  10. Chuck Schumer, U.S. Senate (D-NY) and the Democratic Minority Leader.

Top 10 Key Votes viewed:

  1. S J Res 34 - A joint resolution concerning internet privacy. This ruling overturns an FCC rule created last fall that would have prevented Internet Service Providers (Comcast, Verizon, etc.)  from selling individuals’ data.

  2. HR 1430 - A bill passed by the House that prohibits the EPA from proposing any action or regulation that uses science that is not publicly available. This bill only allows the EPA to cite research that is verified by multiple independent sources.

  3. HR 1181 - A bill passed in the House that allows veterans deemed mentally impaired to purchase firearms and ammunition ...

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