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Voting Record

S Amdt 923 - Prohibits the Payment of the Premium for an Insurance Policy For Tobacco - Voting Record

U.S. Senate


Roll Number: 137
Yea: 44 Nay: 52
Amendment Rejected (Senate)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
WV Sr Democratic Yea
SD Sr Sen.  Timothy  Peter  'Tim'  Johnson  Democratic Yea
MD Jr Democratic Yea
NH Jr Republican Yea
NM Sr Democratic Yea
MO Sr Democratic Yea
OH Sr Democratic Yea
ID Sr Republican Yea
OR Sr Democratic Yea
NY Sr Democratic Yea
WA Jr Democratic Yea
RI Sr Democratic Yea
IL Sr Democratic Yea
ME Sr Republican Yea
CO Sr Sen.  Mark  E.  Udall  Democratic Yea
DE Sr Democratic Yea
OR Jr Democratic Yea
NJ Sr Democratic Yea
RI Jr Democratic Yea
WV Sr Sen.  John  D.  'Jay'  Rockefeller  IV Democratic Yea
IL Jr Republican Yea
WA Sr Democratic Yea
AZ Sr Republican Yea
NV Jr Republican Yea
PA Jr Republican Yea
UT Jr Republican Yea
IN Sr Republican Yea
PA Sr Democratic Yea
CA Sr Democratic Yea
UT Sr Republican Yea
NY Jr Democratic Yea
HI Sr Democratic Yea
MA Sr Democratic Yea
NM Jr Democratic Yea
WI Jr Democratic Yea
WI Sr Republican Yea
CT Sr Democratic Yea
AK Sr Republican Yea
ID Jr Republican Yea
MN Sr Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
VT Jr Independent Yea
MN Jr Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MD Sr Democratic Yea
NH Sr Democratic Yea
ME Jr Independent Nay
IN Jr Democratic Nay
TX Jr Republican Nay
VA Jr Democratic Nay
NC Jr Sen.  Janet  R.  'Kay'  Hagan  Democratic Nay
ND Jr Democratic-NPL Nay
OK Jr Sen.  Thomas  Allen  'Tom'  Coburn  Republican Nay
GA Sr Republican Nay
IA Sr Republican Nay
VA Sr Democratic Nay
LA Sr Republican Nay
CO Sr Democratic Nay
DE Jr Democratic Nay
VT Sr Democratic Nay
KY Jr Republican Nay
MT Sr Democratic Nay
KS Jr Republican Nay
AR Sr Sen.  Mark  Lunsford  Pryor  Democratic Nay
HI Jr Democratic Nay
LA Sr Sen.  Mary  L.  Landrieu  Democratic Nay
CT Jr Democratic Nay
OK Sr Republican Nay
NC Sr Republican Nay
NE Sr Sen.  Mike  O.  Johanns  Republican Nay
KY Sr Republican Nay
MS Jr Republican Nay
AR Sr Republican Nay
IA Jr Sen.  Thomas  'Tom'  Harkin  Democratic Nay
MA Jr Sen.  William  'Mo'  Cowan  Democratic Nay
NV Sr Democratic Nay
AL Sr Republican Nay
OH Jr Republican Nay
FL Jr Republican Nay
NE Sr Republican Nay
TN Jr Republican Nay
MI Sr Democratic Nay
AK Jr Sen.  Mark  Begich  Democratic Nay
ND Sr Republican Nay
SC Jr Republican Nay
WY Jr Republican Nay
KS Sr Republican Nay
AL Jr Republican Nay
MT Sr Sen.  Max  S.  Baucus  Democratic Nay
WY Sr Republican Nay
SC Sr Republican Nay
MS Sr Republican Nay
SD Sr Republican Nay
TN Sr Republican Nay
TX Sr Republican Nay
MO Jr Republican Nay
FL Sr Democratic Nay
GA Sr Sen.  Clarence  Saxby  Chambliss  Republican Nay
CA Jr Democratic Did Not Vote
AZ Jr Republican Did Not Vote
MI Sr Sen.  Carl  Levin  Democratic Did Not Vote
NJ Sr Sen.  Frank  R.  Lautenberg  Democratic Did Not Vote
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