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Voting Record

S 679 - Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011 - Voting Record

U.S. House


Roll Number: 537
Yea: 261 Nay: 116
Bill Passed (House)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
NY 9 Democratic Yea
CA 20 Democratic Yea
CA 13 Democratic Yea
RI 1 Democratic Yea
AZ 3 Democratic Yea
KY 6 Rep.  Albert  Ben  Chandler  III Democratic Yea
GA 2 Democratic Did Not Vote
CA 40 Democratic Yea
CA 5 Democratic Yea
GA 4 Democratic Did Not Vote
GA 5 Democratic Did Not Vote
PA 1 Democratic Yea
CA 18 Democratic Yea
CA 6 Rep.  Lynn  C.  Woolsey  Democratic Yea
AZ 7 Rep.  Edward  López  'Ed'  Pastor  Democratic Did Not Vote
TX 35 Democratic Did Not Vote
NJ 9 Democratic Yea
TX 28 Democratic Yea
MD 7 Democratic Yea
TX 15 Democratic Yea
MA 9 Democratic Yea
MA 8 Democratic Yea
MA 1 Democratic Yea
DC Delegate Democratic NA
CA 12 Democratic Yea
PA 4 Rep.  Jason  Altmire  Democratic Yea
MS 2 Democratic Yea
NC 8 Rep.  Lawrence  Webb  'Larry'  Kissell  Democratic Yea
TX 20 Rep.  Charles  A.  'Charlie'  Gonzalez  Democratic Yea
NC 11 Rep.  Joseph  Heath  Shuler  Democratic Yea
TX 30 Democratic Yea
CA 28 Democratic Yea
TX 16 Rep.  Silvestre  'Silver'  Reyes  Democratic Yea
NJ 8 Democratic Yea
CA 32 Democratic Yea
UT 4 Rep.  James  David  'Jim'  Matheson  Democratic Yea
NJ 9 Rep.  Steven  R.  'Steve'  Rothman  Democratic Yea
NY 3 Democratic Yea
CA 24 Democratic Yea
WA 9 Democratic Yea
WA 2 Democratic Yea
WA 6 Rep.  Norman  DeValois  'Norm'  Dicks  Democratic Did Not Vote
GA 13 Democratic Yea
VA 8 Rep.  James  P.  'Jim'  Moran  Jr. Democratic Yea
NJ 12 Rep.  Rush  D.  Holt  Jr. Democratic Yea
VA 3 Democratic Yea
CA 53 Democratic Yea
NM 3 Democratic Yea
VT At-Large Democratic Yea
CA 43 Rep.  Joe  Baca  Sr. Democratic Yea
FL 23 Democratic Yea
CA 33 Rep.  Henry  A.  Waxman  Democratic Yea
VI Delegate Rep.  Donna  Marie  Christensen  Democratic NA
MD 5 Democratic Yea
CA 9 Democratic Yea
FL 5 Democratic Yea
WA 7 Democratic Yea
FL 20 Democratic Yea
WI 3 Democratic Yea
WV 3 Rep.  Nick  Joe  Rahall  II Democratic Yea
CA 30 Democratic Yea
CA 19 Democratic Yea
IA 3 Rep.  Leonard  L.  Boswell  Democratic Yea
CA 37 Democratic Yea
IL 2 Rep.  Jesse  Louis  Jackson  Jr. Democratic Did Not Vote
WI 2 Rep.  Tammy  Baldwin  Democratic Did Not Vote
WI 4 Democratic Did Not Vote
IL 9 Democratic Yea
IL 3 Democratic Yea
TX 9 Democratic Yea
NC 12 Rep.  Melvin  Luther  'Mel'  Watt  Democratic Yea
NM 1 Rep.  Martin  T.  Heinrich  Democratic Did Not Vote
IA 1 Rep.  Bruce  Braley  Democratic Yea
FL 14 Democratic Yea
MO 1 Democratic Yea
CA 16 Democratic Yea
OR 4 Democratic Yea
HI 1 Rep.  Colleen  W.  Hanabusa  Democratic Yea
MD 8 Democratic Yea
ME 2 Rep.  Michael  H.  'Mike'  Michaud  Democratic Yea
VA 11 Democratic Yea
AR 4 Rep.  Michael  Avery  'Mike'  Ross  Democratic Yea
CA 17 Democratic Yea
PA 13 Rep.  Allyson  Y.  Schwartz  Democratic Yea
CA 14 Democratic Yea
CA 44 Democratic Yea
MA 3 Democratic Yea
NY 22 Rep.  Maurice  D.  Hinchey  Democratic Yea
NC 4 Democratic Yea
MP Delegate Democratic NA
NJ 6 Democratic Yea
NJ 1 Rep.  Robert  E.  'Rob'  Andrews  Democratic Yea
IL 5 Democratic Yea
MA 4 Rep.  Barney  Frank  Democratic Yea
IL 1 Democratic Did Not Vote
CT 4 Democratic Yea
AS Delegate Rep.  Eni  FH  Faleomavaega  Democratic NA
MA 1 Rep.  John  W.  Olver  Democratic Yea
HI 2 Rep.  Mazie  K.  Hirono  Democratic Did Not Vote
GA 12 Rep.  John  Barrow  Democratic Yea
MA 6 Rep.  John  F.  Tierney  Democratic Yea
CT 2 Democratic Yea
CA 27 Democratic Yea
NY 21 Rep.  William  'Bill'  Owens  Democratic Yea
CT 3 Democratic Yea
GU Delegate Democratic NA
NY 5 Rep.  Gary  L.  Ackerman  Democratic Yea
NY 15 Rep.  José  E.  Serrano  Democratic Yea
NY 16 Democratic Yea
FL 21 Democratic Yea
NY 10 Rep.  Edolphus  'Ed'  Towns  Democratic Did Not Vote
NY 12 Democratic Yea
NY 1 Rep.  Timothy  H.  'Tim'  Bishop  Democratic Yea
NY 14 Democratic Yea
PA 12 Rep.  Mark  S.  Critz  Democratic Yea
NY 13 Democratic Yea
NY 5 Democratic Yea
NY 10 Democratic Yea
CA 28 Rep.  Howard  L.  Berman  Democratic Yea
ME 1 Democratic Yea
CA 37 Rep.  Laura  Richardson  Democratic Yea
AZ 2 Rep.  Ron  Barber  Democratic Yea
MD 3 Democratic Yea
IL 12 Rep.  Jerry  F.  Costello  Democratic Yea
MA 5 Rep.  Edward  J.  'Ed'  Markey  Democratic Yea
CA 38 Democratic Yea
TX 29 Democratic Yea
NC 1 Democratic Yea
MD 2 Democratic Yea
TX 18 Democratic Did Not Vote
MD 4 Democratic Yea
NC 13 Rep.  Ralph  Bradley  'Brad'  Miller  Democratic Yea
CA 18 Rep.  Dennis  A.  Cardoza  Democratic Did Not Vote
NC 7 Rep.  Douglas  Carmichael  'Mike'  McIntyre  Democratic Yea
NY 17 Democratic Yea
IN 2 Rep.  Joe  Donnelly  Sr. Democratic Yea
IN 1 Democratic Yea
NY 25 Democratic Yea
CA 46 Democratic Yea
NV 1 Rep.  Shelley  Berkley  Democratic Did Not Vote
OH 9 Democratic Did Not Vote
IN 7 Democratic Yea
MI 13 Democratic Yea
IA 2 Democratic Yea
MI 9 Democratic Yea
NY 4 Rep.  Carolyn  McCarthy  Democratic Yea
MO 5 Democratic Yea
CA 13 Rep.  Fortney  H.  'Pete'  Stark  Democratic Yea
CA 34 Democratic Yea
OH 11 Democratic Yea
MI 12 Rep.  John  D.  Dingell  Democratic Yea
MI 14 Rep.  Gary  C.  Peters  Democratic Yea
MI 5 Rep.  Dale  E.  Kildee  Democratic Yea
TN 5 Democratic Yea
OH 13 Rep.  Betty  Sutton  Democratic Did Not Vote
NY 20 Democratic Yea
CA 51 Rep.  Bob  Filner  Democratic Did Not Vote
TN 9 Democratic Yea
MO 3 Rep.  John  Russell  'Russ'  Carnahan  Democratic Did Not Vote
OH 10 Rep.  Dennis  J.  Kucinich  Democratic Did Not Vote
OH 13 Democratic Yea
CA 43 Democratic Yea
NY 7 Democratic Yea
CA 6 Democratic Yea
PR Resident Commissioner Democratic NA
CA 3 Democratic Yea
MA 7 Democratic Yea
CA 11 Rep.  George  Miller  Democratic Yea
CO 1 Democratic Did Not Vote
CO 7 Democratic Yea
IL 4 Democratic Yea
OK 2 Rep.  David  Daniel  'Dan'  Boren  Democratic Yea
NY 26 Democratic Did Not Vote
AL 7 Democratic Yea
CO 2 Democratic Yea
MA 2 Democratic Yea
CT 5 Rep.  Christopher  S.  'Chris'  Murphy  Democratic Yea
OR 3 Democratic Yea
OR 5 Democratic Yea
PA 14 Democratic Yea
PA 2 Democratic Yea
PA 17 Rep.  Thomas  Timothy  'Tim'  Holden  Democratic Yea
DE At-Large Democratic Yea
LA 2 Democratic Did Not Vote
IL 7 Democratic Yea
FL 24 Democratic Yea
RI 2 Democratic Yea
MI 13 Rep.  Hansen  Clarke  Democratic Yea
SC 6 Democratic Yea
CT 1 Democratic Yea
KY 3 Democratic Yea
MN 4 Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 7 Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 1 Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 5 Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
OR 1 Democratic, Independent Yea
NY 26 Rep.  Kathleen  Courtney  'Kathy'  Hochul  Democratic, Working Families Yea
TX 4 Rep.  Ralph  Moody  Hall  Republican Nay
IN 6 Rep.  Mike  Pence  Republican Did Not Vote
IN 5 Rep.  Dan  L.  Burton  Republican Nay
MI 8 Rep.  Mike  Rogers  Republican Yea
MO 8 Rep.  Jo Ann  Emerson  Republican Nay
MT At-Large Rep.  Dennis  'Denny'  Rehberg  Republican Nay
TN 7 Republican Nay
MI 6 Republican Yea
UT 3 Republican Yea
UT 1 Republican Nay
MO 6 Republican Yea
MI 4 Rep.  David  Lee  'Dave'  Camp  Republican Yea
MO 2 Rep.  W.  Todd  Akin  Republican Did Not Vote
NE 3 Republican Yea
CO 3 Republican Yea
TX 6 Republican Nay
TX 17 Republican Nay
TN 8 Republican Yea
AK At-Large Republican Yea
WI 7 Republican Did Not Vote
OH 15 Republican Yea
SC 1 Rep.  Timothy  E.  'Tim'  Scott  Republican Yea
PA 11 Republican Nay
MO 7 Republican Yea
TN 3 Republican Nay
GA 7 Republican Nay
IN 4 Republican Yea
MI 3 Republican Nay
AR 3 Republican Nay
MI 7 Republican Did Not Vote
AZ 6 Republican Nay
FL 15 Republican Nay
OH 7 Republican Nay
MO 4 Republican Nay
IN 9 Republican Did Not Vote
NH 2 Rep.  Charles  F.  'Charlie'  Bass  Republican Yea
TN 4 Republican Did Not Vote
NH 1 Rep.  Frank  C.  Guinta  Republican Yea
NY 25 Rep.  Ann Marie  Buerkle  Republican Nay
OH 10 Republican Nay
WA 3 Republican Nay
OH 8 Rep.  John  A.  Boehner  Republican Did Not Vote
AL 1 Rep.  Josiah  Robins  'Jo'  Bonner  Jr. Republican Yea
AL 5 Republican Nay
AL 2 Republican Yea
AL 3 Republican Yea
AL 6 Rep.  Spencer  T.  Bachus  Republican Yea
AR 2 Rep.  Tim  Griffin  Republican Nay
AR 1 Republican Nay
AZ 6 Rep.  Jeff  Flake  Republican Yea
AZ 8 Republican Yea
AZ 4 Republican Nay
CA 26 Rep.  David  T.  Dreier  Republican Yea
CA 4 Republican Nay
CA 50 Rep.  Brian  P.  Bilbray  Republican Yea
AZ 3 Rep.  Ben  Quayle  Republican Nay
CA 48 Republican Did Not Vote
CA 10 Republican Nay
CA 39 Republican Nay
CA 3 Rep.  Daniel  E.  'Dan'  Lungren  Republican Yea
CA 31 Rep.  Gary  G.  Miller  Republican Nay
CA 42 Republican Yea
CA 25 Rep.  Howard  P.  'Buck'  McKeon  Republican Yea
CA 45 Rep.  Mary  Whitaker  Bono Mack  Republican Yea
CA 45 Rep.  John  BT  Campbell  III Republican Did Not Vote
CA 2 Rep.  Walter  'Wally'  Herger  Jr. Republican Yea
CA 24 Rep.  Elton  W.  Gallegly  Republican Yea
CA 23 Republican Yea
CA 41 Rep.  Jerry  Lewis  Republican Yea
CO 4 Rep.  Cory  Gardner  Republican Nay
CA 22 Republican Yea
FL 4 Republican Did Not Vote
FL 14 Rep.  Connie  Mack  IV Republican Did Not Vote
FL 27 Republican Yea
FL 1 Republican Nay
FL 11 Republican Nay
FL 2 Rep.  William  Steve  Southerland  Republican Nay
FL 10 Republican Nay
FL 8 Republican Nay
FL 7 Republican Nay
FL 17 Republican Nay
GA 14 Republican Nay
FL 6 Rep.  Clifford  Bundy  'Cliff'  Stearns  Republican Nay
FL 25 Rep.  David  Rivera  Republican Yea
FL 12 Republican Nay
FL 22 Rep.  Allen  West  Republican Nay
GA 8 Republican Did Not Vote
FL 24 Rep.  Sandra  'Sandy'  Adams  Republican Nay
GA 1 Rep.  Jack  Kingston  Republican Yea
IA 3 Rep.  Thomas  P.  'Tom'  Latham  Republican Yea
KY 5 Republican Did Not Vote
LA 5 Rep.  Rodney  M.  Alexander  Republican Did Not Vote
IL 8 Rep.  Joe  Walsh  Republican Nay
KS 3 Republican Nay
GA 6 Republican Yea
IL 6 Republican Yea
KS 1 Republican Nay
LA 3 Rep.  Jeff  Landry  Republican Nay
IL 15 Republican Yea
LA 1 Republican Nay
GA 11 Rep.  Phil  Gingrey  Republican Did Not Vote
KY 2 Republican Yea
KS 4 Republican Nay
KY 1 Republican Yea
LA 6 Rep.  William  'Bill'  Cassidy  Republican Did Not Vote
IL 16 Rep.  Donald  A.  'Don'  Manzullo  Republican Nay
IL 10 Rep.  Robert  'Bob'  Dold  Republican Yea
GA 3 Republican Did Not Vote
LA 4 Republican Did Not Vote
IL 17 Rep.  Robert  'Bobby'  Schilling  Republican Nay
IL 13 Rep.  Judy  Biggert  Republican Yea
IA 4 Republican Nay
ID 1 Republican Did Not Vote
IL 15 Rep.  Timothy  V.  'Tim'  Johnson  Republican Did Not Vote
IL 16 Republican Yea
GA 10 Rep.  Paul  C.  Broun  Republican Did Not Vote
IN 8 Republican Nay
LA 3 Republican Nay
IN 3 Republican Nay
MI 10 Republican Yea
NE 1 Republican Nay
NJ 4 Republican Yea
NV 3 Republican Yea
NC 2 Republican Yea
NJ 5 Republican Nay
NJ 3 Rep.  Jon  Daniel  Runyan  Republican Yea
NY 19 Republican Nay
MS 1 Rep.  Patrick  Alan  Nunnelee  Republican Nay
NC 5 Republican Nay
NC 9 Rep.  Suellen  W.  'Sue'  Myrick  Republican Yea
NJ 7 Republican Nay
NE 2 Rep.  Lee  R.  Terry  Republican Nay
MS 3 Republican Yea
MD 6 Rep.  Roscoe  G.  Bartlett  Republican Nay
MN 2 Republican Nay
MI 2 Republican Did Not Vote
MO 3 Republican Nay
NM 2 Republican Nay
NC 6 Rep.  John  Howard  Coble  Republican Nay
NC 3 Republican Nay
MI 1 Republican Did Not Vote
MN 8 Rep.  Chip  Cravaack  Republican Yea
MN 3 Republican Nay
NC 10 Republican Yea
MN 6 Rep.  Michele  Bachmann  Republican Nay
MS 4 Republican Nay
MD 1 Republican Nay
NJ 2 Republican Yea
ND At-Large Rep.  Rick  Berg  Republican Nay
OK 3 Republican Nay
OH 12 Republican Yea
OH 14 Rep.  Steven  C.  'Steve'  LaTourette  Republican Yea
NY 22 Republican Did Not Vote
OH 16 Republican Did Not Vote
OH 7 Rep.  Steven  'Steve'  Austria  Republican Nay
NY 2 Republican Yea
OK 5 Rep.  James  Lankford  Republican Nay
OH 2 Rep.  Jean  Schmidt  Republican Nay
OK 1 Rep.  John  A.  Sullivan  Republican Yea
OH 5 Republican Nay
NY 11 Rep.  Michael  Grimm  Republican Yea
NY 19 Rep.  Nan  Hayworth  Republican Did Not Vote
NY 23 Republican Yea
OH 6 Republican Nay
IL 18 Rep.  Aaron  Schock  Republican Yea
OH 4 Republican Did Not Vote
PA 16 Republican Nay
PA 15 Republican Yea
OK 4 Republican Nay
PA 9 Republican Yea
SC 5 Republican Nay
SC 2 Republican Nay
SD At-Large Republican Did Not Vote
SC 4 Republican Did Not Vote
PA 5 Republican Yea
PA 8 Republican Nay
PA 18 Republican Nay
PA 19 Rep.  Todd  Russell  Platts  Republican Yea
PA 7 Republican Yea
SC 3 Republican Nay
PA 10 Republican Nay
PA 6 Rep.  Jim  Gerlach  Republican Nay
TN 6 Republican Nay
TN 1 Republican Nay
TX 3 Republican Yea
TX 31 Republican Yea
TX 8 Republican Yea
TX 7 Republican Nay
TX 32 Republican Yea
TX 23 Rep.  Francisco  R.  'Quico'  Canseco  Republican Nay
TX 21 Republican Yea
TX 10 Republican Did Not Vote
TX 11 Republican Nay
TX 5 Republican Yea
TX 14 Rep.  Ronald  Ernest  'Ron'  Paul  Republican Did Not Vote
VA 6 Republican Yea
VA 1 Republican Nay
VA 10 Rep.  Frank  Rudolph  Wolf  Republican Nay
WI 1 Republican Yea
VA 4 Republican Nay
VA 9 Republican Yea
VA 5 Republican Yea
VA 2 Republican Nay
WI 5 Republican Yea
TX 27 Republican Nay
WA 4 Rep.  Richard  'Doc'  Hastings  Republican Yea
VA 7 Rep.  Eric  I.  Cantor  Republican Yea
WA 8 Republican Yea
WA 5 Republican Yea
WI 6 Rep.  Thomas  E.  'Tom'  Petri  Republican Yea
WV 2 Rep.  Shelley  Moore  Capito  Republican Yea
WY At-Large Republican Nay
WI 8 Republican Nay
WV 1 Republican Nay
IL 14 Republican Yea
OH 1 Republican Nay
FL 25 Republican Yea
TX 24 Republican Nay
TN 2 Republican Nay
CO 6 Republican Nay
OR 2 Republican Yea
CO 5 Republican Nay
FL 13 Rep.  Charles  William  'Bill'  Young  Republican Nay
KS 2 Republican Nay
NJ 11 Republican Yea
ID 2 Republican Yea
CA 49 Republican Yea
FL 16 Republican Nay
CA 50 Republican Yea
AL 4 Republican Nay
NV 2 Republican Yea
TX 12 Republican Yea
TX 26 Republican Nay
TX 13 Republican Yea
TX 22 Republican Nay
TX 2 Republican Nay
TX 1 Republican Nay
TX 19 Republican Nay
PA 3 Republican Nay
KY 4 Rep.  Geoff  Davis  Republican Yea
NY 9 Rep.  Robert  L.  'Bob'  Turner  Republican, Conservative Yea
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