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Voting Record

SB 409 - Authorizes Medical Marijuana - Voting Record

New Hampshire Senate

Roll Number: 122
Yea: 13 Nay: 10
Veto Override Failed (Senate)
State District Name Party Vote
NH 20 Democratic Nay
NH 15 Democratic Nay
NH 5 Sen.  Matthew  Houde  Democratic Yea
NH 21 Sen.  Amanda  A.  Merrill  Democratic Yea
NH 10 Democratic Yea
NH 18 Sen.  Tom  DeBlois  Republican Yea
NH 2 Republican Nay
NH 4 Sen.  Jim  Forsythe  Republican Yea
NH 1 Sen.  John  T.  Gallus  Republican Yea
NH 6 Sen.  Fenton  Groen  Republican Yea
NH 13 Sen.  Gary  E.  Lambert  Republican Yea
NH 12 Sen.  Jim  Luther  Republican Yea
NH 22 Republican Nay
NH 8 Republican Nay
NH 23 Republican Nay
NH 19 Republican Nay
NH 24 Republican Yea
NH 17 Sen.  John  S.  'Jack'  Barnes  Jr. Republican Nay
NH 9 Sen.  Ray  White  Republican Yea
NH 16 Republican Nay
NH 3 Republican Yea
NH 11 Sen.  Peter  E.  Bragdon  Republican Yea
NH 14 Republican Nay
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