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Voting Record

HB 2862 - Appropriates Funds for Independent Redistricting Commission - Voting Record

Arizona Senate

Roll Number: None
Yea: 18 Nay: 9
Bill Passed (Senate)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
AZ 27 Sen.  Leah  Landrum Taylor  Democratic Yea
AZ 30 Democratic Yea
AZ 3 Democratic Yea
AZ 7 Sen.  Jack  C.  Jackson  Jr. Democratic Yea
AZ 15 Sen.  David  M.  Lujan  Democratic Yea
AZ 2 Sen.  Linda  J.  Lopez  Democratic Yea
AZ 17 Sen.  David  Schapira  Democratic Yea
AZ 29 Sen.  Steve  Gallardo  Democratic Did Not Vote
AZ 28 Sen.  Paula  A.  Aboud  Democratic Yea
AZ 18 Sen.  Jerry  Lewis  Republican Yea
AZ 17 Republican Yea
AZ 14 Republican Nay
AZ 10 Sen.  Linda  J.  Gray  Republican Nay
AZ 3 Sen.  Ron  Gould  Republican Nay
AZ 28 Sen.  Adam  Driggs  Republican Yea
AZ 16 Sen.  Richard  'Rich'  Crandall  Republican Yea
AZ 22 Republican Nay
AZ 12 Sen.  Andy  Biggs  Republican Yea
AZ 15 Republican Yea
AZ 30 Sen.  Frank  R.  Antenori  Republican Did Not Vote
AZ 5 Sen.  Sylvia  Allen  Republican Nay
AZ 6 Sen.  Lori  Klein  Republican Nay
AZ 23 Sen.  Steve  Smith  Republican Nay
AZ 13 Sen.  Don  Shooter  Republican Did Not Vote
AZ 23 Sen.  Michele  Reagan  Republican Yea
AZ 1 Sen.  Steve  Pierce  Republican Yea
AZ 12 Sen.  John  Nelson  Republican Nay
AZ 21 Sen.  Rick  Murphy  Republican Nay
AZ 11 Sen.  Al  Melvin  Republican Yea
AZ 18 Sen.  John  McComish  Republican Yea
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