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Voting Record

H 229 - Primary Seat Belt Bill - Voting Record

Massachusetts Senate

Issues: Transportation
Roll Number: 259
Yea: 25 Nay: 15
Bill Passed (Senate)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
MA Bristol and Norfolk Democratic Nay
MA First Bristol and Plymouth Sen.  Joan  M.  Menard  Democratic Yea
MA Second Bristol and Plymouth Democratic Yea
MA Cape and Islands Sen.  Robert  A.  'Rob'  O'Leary  Democratic Yea
MA First Essex Sen.  Steven  A.  Baddour  Democratic Nay
MA Second Essex Sen.  Frederick  E.  Berry  Democratic Yea
MA Third Essex Democratic Nay
MA First Essex and Middlesex Republican Nay
MA Second Essex and Middlesex Sen.  Susan  C.  Tucker  Democratic Yea
MA Hampden Sen.  Stephen  J.  'Steve'  Buoniconti  Democratic Nay
MA First Hampden and Hampshire Sen.  Brian  P.  Lees  Republican Yea
MA Second Hampden and Hampshire Sen.  Michael  R.  Knapik  Republican Yea
MA Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester Democratic Yea
MA First Middlesex Sen.  Steven  C.  Panagiotakos  Democratic Yea
MA Second Middlesex Democratic Yea
MA Third Middlesex Sen.  Susan  C.  Fargo  Democratic Nay
MA Fourth Middlesex Sen.  Robert  A.  Havern  III Democratic Yea
MA Middlesex and Essex Sen.  Richard  R.  Tisei  Republican Yea
MA First Middlesex and Norfolk Democratic Yea
MA Second Middlesex and Norfolk Democratic Yea
MA Middlesex and Worcester Sen.  Pamela  P.  Resor  Democratic Yea
MA Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex Sen.  Jarrett  T.  Barrios  Democratic Nay
MA Norfolk and Plymouth Sen.  Michael  W.  Morrissey  Democratic Nay
MA Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex Sen.  Scott  P.  Brown  Republican Nay
MA Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth Democratic Yea
MA Plymouth and Barnstable Sen.  Therese  Murray  Democratic Yea
MA First Plymouth and Bristol Democratic Yea
MA Second Plymouth and Bristol Sen.  Robert  S.  Creedon  Jr. Democratic Nay
MA Plymouth and Norfolk Sen.  Robert  L.  'Bob'  Hedlund  Jr. Republican Nay
MA First Suffolk Sen.  John  A.  'Jack'  Hart  Jr. Democratic Yea
MA Second Suffolk Sen.  Dianne  Wilkerson  Democratic Nay
MA Second Suffolk and Middlesex Sen.  Steven  A.  Tolman  Democratic Yea
MA Suffolk and Norfolk Sen.  Marian  Walsh  Democratic Yea
MA First Worcester Democratic Yea
MA Second Worcester Sen.  Edward  M.  Augustus  Jr. Democratic Nay
MA Worcester and Middlesex Sen.  Robert  A.  Antonioni  Democratic Yea
MA Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire and Middlesex Sen.  Stephen  M.  'Steve'  Brewer  Democratic Nay
MA Worcester and Norfolk Sen.  Richard  T.  'Dick'  Moore  Democratic Yea
MA Sen.  Andrea  F.  Nuciforo  Jr. Democratic Nay
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