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Voting Record

HB 1049 - Prohibit Cell Phone Use in School Zones - Voting Record

Arkansas House

Roll Number: None
Yea: 46 Nay: 47
Bill Failed (House)
State District Name Party Vote
AR 1 Republican Yea
AR 2 Republican Nay
AR 2 Rep.  Larry  Cowling  Democratic Yea
AR 3 Rep.  David  'Bubba'  Powers  Democratic Yea
AR 5 Democratic Yea
AR 6 Republican Yea
AR 7 Rep.  Garry  L.  Smith  Democratic Yea
AR 8 Democratic Yea
AR 9 Rep.  Eddie  L.  Cheatham  Democratic Yea
AR 9 Democratic Nay
AR 11 Rep.  Efrem  Elliott  Democratic Yea
AR 12 Rep.  Robert  Smith  Moore  Jr. Democratic Did Not Vote
AR 13 Rep.  Clark  M.  Hall  Democratic Nay
AR 14 Rep.  Tiffany  Rogers  Democratic Nay
AR 14 Democratic Yea
AR 16 Democratic Yea
AR 17 Democratic Yea
AR 18 Rep.  Toni  C.  Bradford  Democratic Nay
AR 19 Rep.  Bobby  Joe  Pierce  Democratic Yea
AR 19 Democratic Yea
AR 20 Rep.  Johnnie  J.  Roebuck  Democratic Yea
AR 20 Republican Nay
AR 21 Republican Did Not Vote
AR 22 Republican Yea
AR 23 Rep.  Randy  W.  Stewart  Democratic Nay
AR 23 Republican Nay
AR 25 Democratic Nay
AR 26 Rep.  Loy  Mauch  Republican Yea
AR 27 Republican Nay
AR 28 Republican Yea
AR 29 Democratic Yea
AR 31 Rep.  David  J.  Sanders  Republican Nay
AR 32 Republican Nay
AR 33 Rep.  Fred  Allen  Democratic Yea
AR 34 Democratic Yea
AR 35 Democratic Yea
AR 36 Democratic Yea
AR 37 Rep.  Kathy  Webb  Democratic Yea
AR 39 Rep.  Tracy  Steele  Democratic Yea
AR 40 Rep.  Barry  Hyde  Democratic Did Not Vote
AR 41 Democratic Yea
AR 41 Rep.  Ed  Garner  Republican Nay
AR 42 Democratic Nay
AR 42 Rep.  Elizabeth  Jane  English  Republican Nay
AR 43 Republican Nay
AR 45 Rep.  Linda  S.  Tyler  Democratic Yea
AR 45 Republican Nay
AR 46 Republican Nay
AR 47 Democratic Nay
AR 48 Democratic Yea
AR 49 Democratic Yea
AR 53 Rep.  Keith  M.  Ingram  Democratic Yea
AR 53 Democratic Nay
AR 55 Rep.  Tommy  Lee  Baker  Democratic Yea
AR 56 Rep.  Larry  D.  'Buddy'  Lovell  Democratic Nay
AR 57 Rep.  Jerry  Brown  Democratic Did Not Vote
AR 59 Democratic Nay
AR 59 Rep.  Josh  Johnston  Republican Nay
AR 60 Democratic Nay
AR 62 Democratic Nay
AR 63 Democratic Nay
AR 65 Democratic Yea
AR 65 Rep.  Tracy  Pennartz  Democratic Yea
AR 67 Rep.  Gary  Don  Stubblefield  Republican Nay
AR 67 Republican Nay
AR 68 Republican Yea
AR 69 Democratic Yea
AR 70 Republican Yea
AR 71 Republican Yea
AR 73 Democratic Yea
AR 74 Republican Nay
AR 75 Rep.  Jon  M.  Hubbard  Republican Nay
AR 76 Republican Yea
AR 77 Rep.  Charolette  Wagner  Democratic Nay
AR 77 Republican Nay
AR 78 Rep.  Billy  W.  Gaskill  Democratic Yea
AR 79 Republican Nay
AR 79 Rep.  Mike  Patterson  Democratic Nay
AR 80 Rep.  Linda  Collins-Smith  Republican Nay
AR 81 Republican Nay
AR 82 Rep.  Lori  A.  Benedict  Republican Yea
AR 83 Rep.  Leslee  Milam  Post  Democratic Yea
AR 83 Republican Nay
AR 84 Republican Nay
AR 86 Democratic Nay
AR 87 Republican Yea
AR 88 Rep.  Uvalde  Lindsey  Democratic Nay
AR 90 Republican Yea
AR 91 Rep.  Bryan  B.  King  Republican Did Not Vote
AR 92 Republican Nay
AR 93 Rep.  Jon  Earl  Woods  Republican Nay
AR 94 Republican Nay
AR 96 Republican Nay
AR 98 Republican Yea
AR 98 Rep.  Donna  Hutchinson  Republican Nay
AR 99 Rep.  Tim  Summers  Republican Yea
AR 99 Republican Nay
AR 100 Republican Nay
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