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Voting Record

HB 118 - Providing Information to Abortion Patients - Voting Record

Wyoming House

Issues: Abortion
Roll Number: 5067
Yea: 23 Nay: 32
Bill Failed (House)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
WY 1 Rep.  Mark  A.  Semlek  Republican Yea
WY 2 Republican Nay
WY 3 Rep.  Frank  D.  Peasley  Republican Yea
WY 4 Rep.  Edward  A.  'Ed'  Buchanan  Republican Yea
WY 5 Rep.  Matt  Teeters  Republican Yea
WY 6 Republican Yea
WY 7 Rep.  Bryan  K.  Pedersen  Republican Nay
WY 8 Republican Nay
WY 9 Republican Nay
WY 10 Republican Yea
WY 11 Democratic Nay
WY 12 Rep.  Amy  L.  Edmonds  Republican Yea
WY 13 Democratic Nay
WY 14 Republican Nay
WY 15 Republican Yea
WY 16 Republican Nay
WY 17 Rep.  Bernadine  L.  Craft  Democratic Nay
WY 18 Rep.  Kathleen  A.  'Kathy'  Davison  Republican Did Not Vote
WY 19 Rep.  Owen  Petersen  Republican Yea
WY 19 Republican Yea
WY 21 Republican Yea
WY 22 Rep.  James  A.  'Jim'  Roscoe  Democratic Nay
WY 23 Rep.  Keith  Marshall  Gingery  Republican Yea
WY 24 Republican Yea
WY 25 Rep.  Dave  D.  Bonner  Republican Nay
WY 26 Republican Yea
WY 27 Republican Nay
WY 28 Rep.  Lorraine  Quarberg  Republican Yea
WY 29 Rep.  John  W.  Patton  Republican Nay
WY 30 Rep.  Jonathan  'Jon'  Botten  Republican Nay
WY 31 Rep.  Thomas  E.  'Tom'  Lubnau  II Republican Nay
WY 32 Republican Nay
WY 33 Rep.  W.  Patrick  Goggles  Democratic Did Not Vote
WY 34 Republican Yea
WY 35 Republican Yea
WY 36 Republican Yea
WY 37 Republican Yea
WY 38 Rep.  Bob  Brechtel  Republican Yea
WY 39 Democratic Nay
WY 40 Republican Nay
WY 41 Democratic Nay
WY 42 Rep.  Peter  S.  'Pete'  Illoway  Republican Did Not Vote
WY 43 Republican Nay
WY 44 Democratic Nay
WY 45 Rep.  Matthias  E.  'Matt'  Greene  Republican Yea
WY 46 Republican Nay
WY 47 Rep.  William  'Jeb'  Steward  Republican Nay
WY 48 Rep.  Joseph  M.  'Joe'  Barbuto  Democratic Nay
WY 49 Rep.  Clarence  J.  Vranish  Republican Nay
WY 50 Rep.  Charles  P.  'Pat'  Childers  Republican Did Not Vote
WY 51 Republican Nay
WY 52 Rep.  Sue  Wallis  Republican Nay
WY 53 Rep.  Gregg  Blikre  Republican Nay
WY 54 Rep.  Del  McOmie  Republican Nay
WY 55 Rep.  David  R.  Miller  Republican Yea
WY 56 Republican Nay
WY 57 Republican Did Not Vote
WY 58 Rep.  Lisa  Shepperson  Republican Nay
WY 59 Republican Yea
WY 60 Democratic Nay
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