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Voting Record

HB 1736 - Increasing Wrongful Conviction Compensation - Voting Record

Texas Senate

Roll Number: None
Yea: 27 Nay: 4
Bill Passed (Senate)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
TX 1 Sen.  Kevin  P.  Eltife  Republican Yea
TX 2 Sen.  Robert  F.  'Bob'  Deuell  Republican Yea
TX 3 Republican Yea
TX 4 Sen.  Tommy  Williams  Republican Yea
TX 5 Sen.  Steve  Ogden  Republican Yea
TX 6 Sen.  Mario  V.  Gallegos  Jr. Democratic Yea
TX 7 Sen.  Dan  Patrick  Republican Nay
TX 8 Sen.  Florence  D.  Shapiro  Republican Yea
TX 9 Sen.  Chris  Harris  Republican Nay
TX 10 Sen.  Wendy  R.  Davis  Democratic Yea
TX 11 Sen.  Mike  Jackson  Republican Yea
TX 12 Sen.  Jane Gray  Nelson  Republican Nay
TX 13 Sen.  Rodney  G.  Ellis  Democratic Yea
TX 14 Democratic Yea
TX 15 Democratic Yea
TX 16 Sen.  John  J.  Carona  Republican Yea
TX 17 Republican Nay
TX 18 Sen.  Glenn  Hegar  Jr. Republican Yea
TX 19 Democratic Yea
TX 20 Democratic Yea
TX 21 Democratic Yea
TX 22 Sen.  Kip  Averitt  Republican Yea
TX 23 Democratic Yea
TX 24 Sen.  Troy  L.  Fraser  Republican Yea
TX 25 Sen.  Earl  Jeffrey  'Jeff'  Wentworth  Republican Yea
TX 26 Sen.  Leticia  Van de Putte  Democratic Yea
TX 27 Democratic Yea
TX 28 Sen.  Robert  L.  Duncan  Republican Yea
TX 29 Sen.  Eliot  Shapleigh  Democratic Yea
TX 30 Republican Yea
TX 31 Republican Yea
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