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Voting Record

SCS CSHB 2001 - Oil and Gas Production Tax - Voting Record

Alaska Senate


Roll Number: None
Yea: 14 Nay: 5
Bill Passed (Senate)
Vote Result
Yea Votes
Nay Votes
State District Name Party Vote
AK B Sen.  Kim  S.  Elton  Democratic Yea
AK C Sen.  Albert  M.  Kookesh  Democratic Yea
AK D Sen.  Joe  J.  Thomas  Democratic Yea
AK D Republican Nay
AK E Sen.  Gary  R.  Wilken  Republican Yea
AK F Sen.  Fred  J.  Dyson  Republican Yea
AK F Sen.  Gene  P.  Therriault  Republican Yea
AK G Sen.  Lyda  N.  Green  Republican Nay
AK H Democratic Yea
AK J Sen.  Hollis  S.  French  II Democratic Yea
AK J Democratic Yea
AK K Sen.  Bettye  J.  Davis  Democratic Yea
AK L Republican Yea
AK O Sen.  John  J.  Cowdery  Republican Did Not Vote
AK P Sen.  Con  R.  Bunde  Republican Nay
AK P Republican Yea
AK Q Sen.  Thomas  H.  'Tom'  Wagoner  Republican Yea
AK R Republican Nay
AK S Democratic Nay
AK T Democratic Yea
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