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Key Votes

HB 734 - Tuition Increase Bill - Key Vote

Louisiana Key Votes




Stage Details

Legislation - Signed (Executive) -

Title: Tuition Increase Bill

Legislation - Concurrence Vote Passed (House) (94-0) -
Legislation - Bill Passed With Amendment (Senate) (27-8) - (Key vote)

Title: Tuition Increase Bill

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that allows for an increase in tuition rates for postsecondary education from fiscal years 2008 through 2012.

- Establishes that schools whose tuition is at least 90 percent of the regional average of similar institutions could only increase their tuition by 3 percent, while schools that are between 80-90% of the regional average tuition could increase their tuition by 4 percent, and schools that are below this level could increase their tuition by up to 5 percent each year (Sec. 1). - Establishes waivers for low- to middle income students adversely affected who do not qualify for aid (Sec. 1)
Legislation - Bill Passed (House) (84-18) - (Key vote)

Title: Tuition Increase Bill

- Allows school management boards to adjust their higher education tuition 3-5 percent each year depending on the current tuition's relation to the state's average tuition (Sec. 1). - Requires the management boards to establish criteria for waivers for lower-income students (Sec. 1). - States that the authority to increase tuition and fee amounts expires after June 30, 2012 (Sec. 1).
Legislation - Introduced (House) -

Title: Tuition Increase Bill


  • Donald Mark 'Don' Trahan (LA - R) (Out Of Office)
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